OPEN MINDS for calmer, kinder, happier children

A sensory approach to emotional wellbeing through mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience.
Workshops, training and coaching to promote emotional wellbeing.

Life for today’s children brings a new set of challenges; technology overload, busier family lives and increasing educational expectations. In order to manage these challenges, children need to discover the tools for emotional wellbeing and ways to develop healthy mindset.

Children feel more secure when they understand what is happening in their minds and learn to have some control over it. As they become more settled inside themselves, behaviour improves, educational progress increases and they feel happier!

The tools we give children are tools for life. They help children ‘steady their ship’ and navigate life more easily. The children are very clear with us about what helps them the most which is why our intervention is so effective! We know because they tell us!

“Choosing different thoughts is making me happier. It is easier to come to school now”
Fay, Age 7


Our toolkit

• easy to use and transferable skills for improving self regulation
• how to strengthen positive neural pathways
• how to create and develop their own practices to reinforce the learning
• how to take responsibility for developing one’s own healthy mindset

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Our work is bespoke, tailored to your particular needs, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss what we could do for you.

‘Reduction in reported behaviour incidences, increased concentration in class more settled home life; this intervention is powerful and its impact is far reaching! Highly recommended’

H Telling, SENDCo, Willand School