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Is your child struggling with anxiety, anger, ADHD, Autism, OCD or any other emotional or social problem?
The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this!

The brain is constantly wiring in thought patterns, some healthy, some unhealthy.  Given time and practice, the brain can be encouraged to wire in healthier thought patterns leaving your child feeling much happier, more relaxed and confident and able to manage life’s ups and downs!

First of all we teach children and young people how to rest and calm their minds. Then we can teach them new ways to manage tricky feelings as well as build their self esteem and self confidence.

Our sessions include:
• breathing practices to help children regulate themselves
• mindfulness practices for children using fun, sensory resources
• teaching about what happens in the brain when they feel distressed
• ways to improve our responses in ‘trigger’ situations
• personalised tools to manage their own tricky times
• affirmation cards to help build a healthy brain


We offer a personalised coaching service for families, meeting the needs of your child in the comfort of your own home!
Call us today on 01392 882036 for a free 20 min consultation about your child.

Costs: From £45 per hour


Have you seen the benefits of an OPEN MINDS programme for your child and want to find out more for yourself?
Check out our EVENTS page for family CALM and CREATE workshops and CALM and CONNECT workshops for parents.

If you belong to a network of support for your child’s needs we can also offer bespoke workshops for your network.

“We have learnt lots of fabulous techniques that we can use at home and we really enjoyed the whole day. At the end Josh hugged me and said thank you for bringing him and he really enjoyed it!”
Becky, mum

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