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Our Team

Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson, founder of Open Minds, is a fully qualified teacher, Massage in Schools Instructor, Reiki practitioner, freelance music educator and trainer.

She has taught in Primary schools (Nursery to Year 6)since 1988 and in her freelance work she has delivered music, movement and storytelling workshops and training to settings from Early Years to Higher Education establishments across the southwest.

During the last few years she has identified the need for targeted emotional wellbeing intervention for children and so she founded Positive world in 2013 and then Open Minds in 2015.

Open Minds offers tailor made workshops for children and adults, focussing on personal strengths, mindfulness practices and positive emotions such as kindness, empathy and gratitude to strengthen emotional wellbeing enabling us to flourish.

She is passionate about her work and believes in the extraordinary power of creativity and imagination to enhance wellbeing. Enjoyment and relationship are central to all her work.

As a Reiki practitioner she enjoys being able to offer adults the opportunity to allow the body to come into alignment as well as giving the mind and body much needed rest!

Tamsin Corline

Tamsin Corline is a qualified primary school teacher and SENCo with 12 years teaching experience.  She specialises in Early Years teaching and Special Educational Needs but has experience working with all primary age groups.

Tamsin’s background is in Expressive Arts with many years experience in writing plays, leading drama workshops and clubs and directing and producing performances.

Mindfulness is part of her practice with any class or group of children she works with.

She has a nurturing and fun personality and is quick to build a good rapport with all children. Her philosophy and teaching style support what is at the heart of the Open Minds ethos.


Hannah Brierley

Hannah is a qualified teacher who has been teaching for over 15 years. She specialises in Early Years and has plenty of experience teaching across all Primary age groups. She is nearing completion of her Masters Degree in ‘Educational Leadership and Management’.  In 2017, Hannah attended six training days with Devon’s Educational Psychologists to become an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant).

She incorporates Mindfulness into her own life, her whole-class teaching and private tutoring sessions. Hannah is a fun and enthusiastic person who uses positive interaction and praise to effectively build relationships with others and encourage them to reach their potential.

She loves outdoor education, cooking and all creative activities.

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